October 14, 2019


Town of Carrot River


Carrot River, SK

Main Line Replacement Along Highway

With a break happening on the line it had to be shut off and with the water surfacing right beside the highway and bridge we needed a permit from them to continue. Where the water surfaced the line was over 15 feet in the ground and we could not find it without digging into the pavement surface of the highway and at this time the dig to fix the line was scrapped.

While the town contemplated their options in the end the Public Works Department came up with the idea to replace the line with a new C900 & High Density Poly water line away from the highway right away and abandon the old ductile iron piping. Not only in the section that broke but all the way back to an intersection over 300m away where there was C900 already, effectively eliminating all ductile piping in that area.

D.G.M. Construction stepped up and being no small task had to organize with Department of Highways for permits as well as we out-sourced directional drilling in order to maintain as little disruption to the Co-op Convenience Store and Cardlock as possible. As well, we directional bored in new water service lines to the houses on the other side of the highway and connected them to the new line.

Some of the tasks (but wasn't limited to) on the project included:

  • Disconnecting from the old line, Moving & Reconnecting a fire hydrant to the new line.
  • Crossing a C&D drainage ditch; requiring C&D permission and restoring ditch to original condition.
  • Sub-Contracted Directional drilling of 6" HDP and 1" service lines.
  • Removal of old, unsafe manhole and replacing with plastic sewer line.
  • Installation of a new fire hydrant and removal of old hydrant on highway right of way.
  • Restoring highway to usable condition.
  • Provide and organize flag personnel during highway work.