September 10, 2017


Town of Carrot River


Carrot River, SK

Storm Sewer Drain Culverts

With the ditch starting to slowly fall in before the flood and then even worse after the storm sewer was at capacity, it was decided that the ditch needed to be either dredged as previously done or a more permanent solution was needed. Being on CN Railway property and adjacent to the rail line permission was requested to fix the ditch permanently. With CN approval D.G.M. Construction got the contact from the Town of Carrot River to replace the ditch with culverts. Using slip together heavy duty plastic culverts we used laser technology to ensure continuing drainage all the way down the previous ditch. Due to the softness of the ground we employed the use of rig matting to keep our machinery mostly on the surface while we worked. Finishing up we installed another smaller culvert on the top to drain any excess water on the surface and landscaped the area to allow grass to grow and to be easily mowable by the Town.